1. Don’t use an with own.
Akif needs his own room. (NOT Akif needs an own room.)

2. Use or rather to correct yourself.
I’ll see you on Friday – or rather, Saturday.

3. Use the simple present – play(s), rain(s) etc – to talk about habits and repeated actions.
I play basketball every Sunday. (NOT I am playing basketball every Sunday.)
It usually rains a lot in October.

4. Use will …, not the present, for offers and promises.
I promise I’ll phone you tomorrow. (NOT I promise I phone you tomorrow.)

5. Don’t drop prepositions with passive verbs.
I don’t like to be shouted at. (NOT I don’t like to be shouted.)
This needs to be thought about some more. (NOT This needs to be thought some more.)

6. Don’t use a present tense after It’s time.
It’s time you went home. (NOT It’s time you go home.)
It’s time we invited Akif and Furkan. (NOT It’s time we invite Akif and Furkan.)

7. Use was/were born to give dates of birth.
I was born in 1923. (NOT I am born in 1923.)
Shakespeare was born in 1564.

8. Police is a plural noun.
The police are looking for him. (NOT The police is looking for him.)
I called the police, but they were too busy to come.

9. Don't use the to talk about things in general.
Books are interesting. (NOT The books are interesting.)
I love music. (NOT I love the music.)

10. Use had better, not have better.
I think you’d better see the doctor. (NOT I think you have better see the doctor.)
We’d better ask Fatih to help us.

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